Manchester – we come!

The English group went to Manchester for the 11 th time this year. We started our trip to Hamburg on Thursday, the 18 th of May, at 9:00 o'clock. In Hamburg we took our plane to Manchster. In the evening we arrived in St. Helens and checked in. The students liked the accomodation very much because Premier Inn is a nice hotel.  After dinner there was a short briefing and a short quiz about the day.


On Friday (19 th May)  we went to 'The World of Glass' in St Helens. The World of Glass is a museum where one can find out about the history of making glass. The students watched a short demonstration of glass blowing and then watched a film about the history of making glass. Mr Pilkington played an important role in the developement of glass industry. In the evening the TEG students went to Widnes to play bowling and laser quest at the ''Superbowl'' bowling centre.

On Saturday  (20 th May) we stood up early in the morning and went to York by a double-decker bus.  In York we met our friends from Xaverian College (Manchester) and we went together in groups to our next activities. 

York is a Viking city and there we visited Yorvik Viking Centre – a museum where you can find out more about the vikings and their way of life.

After Jorvik we went to the ''Chocolate Story'' and found out about the history of making chocolate. It was an exciting tour through time and at the end of the tour we were allowed to make our own chocolate lolly.

On Sunday (21 st May)  we went to Manchester. There the students went on The Manchester Trail and had to find the places indicated in their work sheets and answered the questions. In the afternoon we went to one of the biggest shopping centre in Europe – The  Trafford Centre. The students were impressed / overwhelmed by its size and by its architecture, but also by so many shops and brands.


On Monday ( 22 nd May) we spent a great day at the Cowley International College in St Helens.  First the students went on a quick tour through the College. It was a short tour due to the exams which took place there in those buildings. Then the English students went to their classes and the German students went to a Samba class. It was amazing to see how the music teachers managed to let all the students play a music instrument at the same time. After the music lesson the TEG students had computer classes. First they made a butterfly fly  (animation) using a special computer programme for this. Then they programmed a robotic ball and let it move on the floor.

After classes we all went to the library and had lunch. There one could have some delicious and healthy food like cheese and sliced cold sausage, vegetable and fruits, some bread, but no rolls.


After lunch the German students had to do some sport. The students went to the sports hall (3 G pitch) and there they had to test their personal levels of fitness and record it. Our students had fun and liked the British school very much.

Late at night we found out about the terrorist attack which happened in the foyer of the Arena in Manchester and it was scary. We worried about the people involved in the attack, but also about our flight on the next day. It was a very busy day and the teachers were happy it came to an end.

On Tuesday (23 rd May)  we took the plane back to Hamburg. From Hamburg to Bad Pyrmont we went by coach.

It was an unforgettable journey for all of us as it always used to be.

(Irina Selig wrote this article on behalf of all the students and teachers of the English Group.)

Fotos: Irina Selig